MOK. Hand-drawn space ship arcade game. Platform: Android, iOS.

Help little alien MOK control a fragile spaceship in a game about exploring hand-drawn planets and picking up stranded friends. Be quick but careful as you tap your way through sketchy caverns, putting your skills to the test and collecting extra terrestrial travellers along the way.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Single Player
  • 5 different planets to explore
  • 45 levels are waiting for your skills to master them
  • Collect over 20 dudes
  • Hand-drawn, greyscale only


MOK was the first game I actually finished. Before that I built many prototypes but never published any of them. Starting a game is easy - finishing and shipping it is not! :)
Let me know if you like it, I always welcome feedback and it brightens my day when I get a few stars or even a review in the stores.

Play MOK


Play MOK

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